Add multi-day event duration

If you are running a weekend retreat or hosting a trip, your clients are able to schedule a multi-day event with you.

Please note: Weekly working hours cannot be applied to multi-day events since weekly hours starting time and ending time is less than 24 hours.

The example below shows the steps of creating an event type during the weekend of Feb 18th to 19th for the Sunrise Cabin.

1. Click into the event type. On the Availability Page, click on the button Availability Settings.

Set the event duration as 1 day and 10 hours


2. Add the custom date and time for the event on Feb 18th starting at 10am and ending at 8pm on Feb 19th


  1. If you want to add more available time slots, you will need to add them individually.
  2. In our example, let’s add starting time 1pm on Saturday, Feb 18th, which means the ending time is 11pm on Sunday, Feb 19th.


Repeating same time slots weekly, monthly or yearly.

If you want to set recurring availability for multi-day event, you cannot use “Working hours”. But you can add individual availability and repeat weekly, monthly or yearly.

In our example, let’s set weekly repeat for weekend availability starting at 1pm every Saturday until the end of May.

But first make sure your booking window end time is stretching far enough into the future to accommodate your availability range.

In this example, it is set as 170 days from now.


Then let’s repeat 1pm, Saturday every week until the end of May.