Add multi-day event duration

If you are running a weekend retreat or hosting a trip, your clients are able to schedule a multi-day event with you.

Please note: Weekly working hours cannot be applied to multi-day events since weekly hours starting time and ending time is less than 24 hours.

The example below shows the steps of creating 2-day retreats that start from 7pm on Fridays and end at 7pm on Sundays.

1. Click into the event type. On the Availability Page, click on the button Availability Settings.

Set the event duration as 2 days.


2. Create a new schedule, then add the custom start date and time for the 2-day retreat schedule.

  1. Set the 2-day retreat schedule to repeat on a weekly basis on Fridays. Choose the ending date for the schedule.
  1. Make changes to the booking window accordingly. In this case, the booking window end time is extended to the maximum of 365 days into the future, allowing guests to book a year in advance.
  1. Now you see that the 2-day retreat schedule repeats on every Friday. When a guest books a time slot, they’ll see the specific time interval of the 2-day retreat.
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