Create custom domain for booking pages

A custom domain essentially allows you to personalize the URL of your CozyCal booking page. Instead of using the default URL provided by CozyCal, which generally includes the CozyCal domain and some identifier related to your account, you can change it to reflect your own domain.

Custom domains work by pointing a domain name you own to another web address, in this case, your CozyCal booking page. To make this work, you would need to set up a CNAME record in your domain's DNS settings to point to CozyCal's servers.

  1. Purchase a Domain: If you don't already have one, you'll need to purchase a domain name from a domain registration service. This could be your business name or any other name you want to represent your booking page.
  2. Configure DNS Settings: Once you have a domain, you'll need to access your domain's DNS settings through your domain registrar's platform. Here, you create a CNAME record that points your chosen subdomain to your CozyCal page. For example, if your domain is "yourbusiness.com" and you want your booking page to be "book.yourbusiness.com," you'll create a CNAME record for "book" and point it to the URL provided by CozyCal.
  3. Update CozyCal Settings: The final step is to update your settings in CozyCal to reflect this custom domain. You'll enter the full subdomain (in this case, "book.yourbusiness.com") into the appropriate field in your CozyCal settings.

Go to Settings, then click on Custom Domain


Enter your domain’s name. When you are done, click on “Add Custom Domain


That's it! After these steps are completed, it may take some time for the DNS changes to propagate. Once propagated, anyone who types in "book.yourbusiness.com" into their web browser will be directed to your CozyCal booking page.

Please note, setting up a custom domain requires some technical knowledge, especially around DNS configurations. If you're not comfortable with this, you might want to seek help from a web developer or your domain registrar's support service.