Create promo codes for payments

Since we upgraded our payment integration to Stripe Checkout, you can now create and share promo codes with your customers to add discounts for one-time payments.

Create the promotion code

To add promo codes to your Stripe account:

  1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/
  2. Go to Products, then select Coupons
  1. Now you can enter values for the coupon's parameters.
  2. NameThis is what will appear on the customers invoice. Keep Name UPPERCASE.

    ID (Option): This is the code you will share with your customers so they can enter on the Checkout screen when signing up for your product. Stripe recommends leaving this blank so they can generate an ID for you.

    Type: Choose a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount. In the example below, Fixed amount discount is selected and the coupon is 20% off.


    Scroll down to Codes, then toggle to enable User customer-facing coupon codes. You can define the parameters of this promo code accordingly.

    For the Code field, we recommend you to leave it blank for convenience. It is case-sensitive and must be unique across all active promotion codes for any customer. If left blank, Stripe will generate one automatically.


    After you are done defining the promo code's parameters, click Create couponat the bottom right.

    5. From the coupon list, click on the coupon you want to share, scroll down to PROMOTION CODE. Copy the ID of the promotion code and share it with your customers.


    Applying the promo code during checkout

    During checkout, guests can apply the promo code to get a discount for the session's payment.