Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Enable Google Analytics integration to track user sessions from your website to your CozyCal booking page.

Quick Setup

Step 1. In your CozyCal account, go to Google Integrations.


Step 2. Log into your Google Analytics account and find your Google Measurement ID.


👉A quick reminder: when you are testing Google analytics integration, please make sure that any Ad Blocker installed in your browser is turned off.

Step 3. Copy the Tracking ID and paste it in the Google Analytics ID field in CozyCal.


Step 4. On your Google Analytics dashboard now, you can see real-time data tracking guest behavior and booking sessions on on your CozyCal booking page.


👇You can read more about setting up Google Analytics tracking in this article:

How it works

Google Analytics Events

  • Pageview events will be sent as guests navigate your booking page
  • Additionally, when a booking is made, an event will be sent:'send', {
    hitType: 'event',
    eventCategory: 'CozyCal Event',
    eventAction: 'cozycal_event_scheduled'

Advanced Options

Cross Domain Tracking

Cross domain tracking allows you to preserve user sessions from your website's domain and your CozyCal booking page.

To enable cross domain tracking:

  1. Install CozyCal on your website.
  2. Load the analytics.js script tag before the CozyCal script tag.
  3. Make sure you use the same Google Analytics ID on your website and in your CozyCal settings.

Manual Cross Domain Tracking

If you prefer to set things up manually, you can use the analytics.js linker to add a parameter when linking to your booking page. For example:

Referral Exclusions

To preserve sessions across your website and CozyCal, add to your referral exclusions list.

👇Read more on Google Analytics's Referral Exclusions: