Google Meet Integration

Google Meet Integration

To automatically add a Google Meet link to new events, you will first need to connect to Google Calendar.

Integrating CozyCal with your Google Calendar is easy.

  1. Go to your "Settings"
  2. Under Integrations, click on "Google Calendar & Meet"
  3. Click on "Connect to Google" to connect with your Google calendar.

Once you've connected to Google, you'll be able to:

  • Select a calendar where new events will be added.
  • Select the calendars to be used to prevent double bookings.
  • Add a Google Meet link to new events.

Once you have connected to Google Calendar, you can set up Google Meet Integration by:

  • Go to your booking page, select the event type that you want to add the Google meeting links.
  • On the navigation bar, click on Event Confirmation, then the Set Location button. Select Google Meet from the drop-down menu. Don't forget to Save Changes.
  • You will see a [GOOGLE_MEET_LINK] tag showing up. It will auto-generate a unique Google Meet meeting link each time when a meeting is booked.
A quick reminder that you can also click on Save and Copy to duplicate the Event Location setting to other event types to save time.

That's it! You and your guests will new see a Google Meet link whenever new events are booked on that event type.

Google Meet integration and notifications

  1. Notifications for guests:

When guests book an event with you, they will receive a uniquely generated Google Meet link:

  • on their confirmation message
  • calendar event description (if they choose to add the event to their calendar using the "Add to Calendar" button)

Notice that in the Confirmation Message, the message is included as the [EVENT_CONFIRMATION] tag in your email templates. So when your Zoom Meeting information is included in the Confirmation Message, they will also show up in guests'

  • confirmation email
  • reminder email

2. Notifications for hosts:

On your end, the Google Meet meeting information will be showing in your:

  • CozyCal calendar's appointment event details
  • image

  • Event description of your integrated calendar (e.g., Google calendar)
  • image

Google Meet integration for teams

If you have multiple members on your booking page, each team member can connect their CozyCal account with their own Google account separately.

They will not need to permission from the admin to integrate with their CozyCal account with Google.