How does team scheduling work?

One CozyCal account is linked to one calendar only. So if you have multiple members on your team then you will need to create separate accounts for each member.

Each member connects their CozyCal account with their own calendar (e.g., Google calendar or Outlook) to sync availabilities.

The admin can manage each team member's settings including availability and confirmation message.

All team members' events can be added to a team booking page. The admin has the rights to filter and view others' booked events on the main calendar.

Option 1: team members are all scheduled on the same team booking page

Team round-robin booking

Here’s an example of what a team booking page looks like:

There are three team members in Hudson Law Firm. If you click on event Initial Consultation the entire team's calendar will show up.

1) Not showing Choose Host page

When a guest clicks on Any availalbleright below the event title, the guest can select to see each team member’s availabilities.

When a specific team member is not selected, then booked appointments are assigned to staff in a round-robin manner.


2) Showing Choose Host page

As the admin, you can have the calendar showing the Choose Host page.

Click on Availability Setting button, then the Host settings button.

You can select Show “Choose Hosts” Page.

If you still want to give guests the option to select a specific team member, check the box next to Show “Any available” option. “Any available” label can be customized to fit your business.


Now once a guest selects a time slot, they will land on the Choose Host page.


3) Round-robin scheduling only

If you only want round-robin team scheduling only, you can disable the Choose Host page.


Display individual team members' events on the team booking page

Now click on the backwards arrow on the top left to go back to the main booking page. Instead of booking by event types, you can also set up in a way so guests can book events by team members.

If you click into Schedule with Meredith Finn, you will see that she has two appointment types Free Consultation andExisting Clients .


Once an event is booked, the confirmation email will be sent to the booked team member’s inbox. Only the admin is able to see everyone’s booked events on his/her calendar dashboard.

Admin rights

As the admin, you have the rights to invite/delete new members, edit booking page settings, and manage other team members' availabilities, events and settings.

  1. Edit other team member’s availability

Tip: You can quickly copy an event’s availability to other event types and team members.

On the Edit Schedule modal, you can see the list of event types and team members to which this schedule Team weekly schedule has been applied to:


  1. View other team members' booked events on your calendar.

  1. You can grant Admin rights to other team members as well.

Option 2: team members create their own individual booking pages

With the same account, you can create as many team booking pages as you want and invite other team members to join.

Adding an individual booking page on behalf of a team member

For example, if you want to create an individual booking page for Alex Wright, you can follow the steps below. Please make sure that you select the right team for the new booking page.


Allow a team member to create their own booking page

If you want a team member to create their own booking page, you will have to grant them admin access first. Then they can follow step 1 above to create individual booking pages.


Now, you'll see Alex Wright's individual booking page listed under the team Hudson Law Group.


Find out more about how to set up team scheduling here:

Team scheduling set up (for admin)
Team scheduling set up (for invitee)

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