Manage the availability of team members as an admin

Add availability

As the admin of your team, you can manage and edit the availability setting of other team members.

Click into an event, notice that the menu on the left is changed. Step 1 is Choose Host, you will see the list of team members.

Click on the team member that you want to edit > Availability Settings > + add availability , then add availabilities.

In the example below, it shows adding working hours 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday for the team member Alex Wright.


Duplicate availability to others

To save time, you can quickly duplicate availability settings to other team members and event types to save time.

Simply click on Copy, and select the event types and team members to which you want to duplicate the availability setting.

In the example below, the admin is copying Alex Wright's availability for the event type Initial Consultation to another team member Meredith Finn's Initial Consultation.


You can also duplicate the "Confirmation Message" to other team members and event types. Click on Confirmation Message, then Save and Copy, select the event types and team members to which you want to duplicate the confirmation message.

Don't forget to click on Save and Copy to save changes.

Note: Any changes made to Confirmation Message is applied to the entire event type. Any team members who have added availabilities for this event type will share the same confirmation message

Team round-robin booking

Here’s an example of what a team booking page looks like: https://cozycal.com/hudson-law-group

There are three team members in Hudson Law Firm. If you click on event Initial Consultation the entire team's calendar will show up.

When a specific team member is not selected, then booked appointments are assigned to staff in a round-robin manner.

When a guest clicks on with Hudson Law Group right below the event title, the guest can select to see each team member’s availabilities.