Passthrough Variables

Extra data can be passed through to your guest, by adding URL parameters to your booking page's link. Parameters prefixed with data_ will be treated as passthrough variables.

How to use it:

  1. Create a link to your CozyCal page with a data_ parameter. For example: https://cozycal.com/kollig/schedule-with-chris?data_referral=benfranklin
  • When the guest visits this link, the data will be stored until they close the tab. Any bookings they make during this time will contain the extra data.
  • You can see the passthrough data when viewing your event on the Calendar page
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Use with the Javascript API

Once a guest booking has been made, passthrough variables can be accessed within the guest data for the Javascript API's scheduled event.

    "email": "test@example.com",
    "status": "confirmed",
    "extra_data": {
        "referral": "benfranklin"

Read more here:

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Adding passthrough variables to Redirect URLs

You can pass the extra_data parameter in the Redirect URL.

Note: The value of the extra_data parameter is encoded as JSON

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