Scheduling events for multiple hosts

If you have more than one team member attending a scheduled meeting as hosts, you can pool the availability of all hosts and ensure that each team meeting is staffed efficiently and without conflicts.

Adding availability for multiple hosts

  1. On your booking page, go to the event type that you want to edit.
  2. On the “1. Availability Page”, click on Availability Settings , and add your availability. If you haven’t added any availability, please follow instructions this guide “Add availabilities to event types”.
  3. Add the second host’s availability by clicking on Add availability. Under the Host drop-down menu, make sure you select the correct host, which is an important step.
  4. You can create a new schedule on behalf of your team member by clicking on the button New schedule , or they can create a schedule within their own account.

    At the end of this gif, you will need to click on “Add availability” to continue setting up the schedule.
    At the end of this gif, you will need to click on “Add availability” to continue setting up the schedule.

    You can also choose and apply an existing schedule that has been created. Underneath Schedule, click on the drop-down menu and select an existing schedule.


    When there’s more than one host’s availability, you will notice that there is a label Reserved host underneath the hosts’ names. If you have created the event type, by default you are assigned as the organizer.

    If you want to delegate someone else as the organizer, you can do so by clicking into another host’s name under the availability list, and check the box next to Set as organizer.


Round-robin booking for multiple hosts

You can also assign hosts as round-robin, where a host is auto-assigned to the booked meeting in a rotational manner.

With multiple hosts in an event type, you can set different combinations of reserved and round-robin hosts.

In this example, we have 3 hosts. We can either set:

  • all 3 hosts as reserved hosts
  • all 3 hosts as round-robin hosts
  • 1 reserved host + 2 round-robin hosts

By clicking into the host’s availability, under Multi-host options, from the drop-down menu you can select either Choose host as via round robin or Set host as reserved.


Round-robin booking for multiple hosts and resources

You can also add resources such as rooms to an event type. For instructions please follow this guide “Set up resource booking”.

In this example, the Large Conference Room is set as a reserved resource, ensuring that the availabilities of both hosts and the room are pooled for bookings.


If you have more than 1 resource added to the event type, you can also set the resources to be round-robin.

In this example, the two hosts are reserved, but the two conference rooms are set to be round-robin so that only one room is assigned for a booked meeting.