Set up resource booking

One CozyCal account is linked to one calendar only. But if you have multiple resources (eg., rooms, buildings), you can add them to the booking page and accept bookings under the same calendar.

If you have a team, a resource can be assigned to a specific team member.

Reminder: each resource is being charged on a per seat basis. Click here to find out more details on pricing.

Instructions on adding resources

Step 1: Add to the resource list

  1. On the left sidebar menu, click on Settings > Resource > click on the button Create Resource
  2. Enter your resource. In this example, let's enter "Evergreen Large Conference Room". As you can see, Alice Freeman is the only resource owner, so she will be managing all the rooms.
  3. image

    Let's also add "Evergreen Small Conference Room" and "Evergreen Lounge" to the resource list.


Step 2: Add resources on the booking page

  1. Click on Booking Page on the menu, then the button + new item. Here you have two options. You can either add an event type or a folder. A folder can hold multiple event types within it.
  2. In this example, Large Conference Room offers booking for three time durations: 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours. So we'll click on the button New Folder.
  3. Add title and description. Notice you can customize the sharable link.
  4. Now the room folder is created. Click on the button + New item > + New event, then enter "Large Conference Room - 1 hour".

Step 3: Add resource's availabilities

1. Click on the button Availability Settings, then Duration, set the duration to 1 hour. You can also add buffer time or edit the maximum number of guests allowed to book the room per time slot.


3. Under Availability Settings, click on the drop-down menu and select the corresponding resource. Select Evergreen Large Conference, then click on Add availability.

4. You have two options: add working hours or add any specific time slots. In our example, let's click on Add working hours. Select Monday to Sunday, 9am to 7pm.


5. Booking window time indicates the earliest and latest time a resource can be booked. The default setting is 1 day before now and 14 days from now. Click on Booking window time to adjust it based on your needs.


Tip: You can quickly apply current event type’s availability to other event types or team members to save time.

In this example, the event type Large Conference Room - 1 hour’s availability is applied to two other event types: Small Conference Room - 1 hour and Lounge - 1 hour.


Step 4: Edit Intake form

Click on Edit Intake Form > Add a Form Field to add additional questions. The question format can be short answer, paragraph, phone number, checkbox, dropdown and date.

You can also edit the intake form's scheduling button text. In this example, the button's text is changed to Schedule Room.


Step 5: Edit the Confirmation Message

Confirmation Message is the page that clients will be landing on once they schedule an appointment with you.

You can edit the message by clicking on the button Confirmation Message.


Step 6: Edit Email Notifications

There are three email notifications Confirmation Email, Reminder Email and Cancellation Email that are sent out automatically when an appointment is scheduled.

Each email comes with a template that contains key information such as scheduled event type, time and team member. You can edit the templates based on your needs.

If you want to send out the email notifications from your own domain (e.g., alice@evergreencoworking.com), please set up white-label emailing.


For the Reminder Email, up to 4 reminder emails can be sent prior to the scheduled event.

You can choose when you want the emails to be sent out. In this example, reminder emails are set to be sent out 1 day and 1 hour prior to the scheduled time. Don't forget to click on Save Changes.

If you are in US or Canada, one SMS message can be sent out prior to a scheduled event. Click here to learn more on setting up SMS reminder.
If you want to enable event request, which allows you to manually approve or decline an event request. Please click here to learn more.
If you want to charge for resource booking through the Stripe integration. Please click here to learn more.

You can interact with a live resource booking page Evergreen Coworking Space to see how the scheduling flow works.


Round-robin booking

Allow guests to select a resource

You can add multiple resources to a shared event, If a guest selects "Any available", scheduled bookings will be auto-assigned to resources in a round-robin booking, meaning whichever resource has availability for the selected time slot will be booked first.

In our example, an event type "Any Room - 1 hour" is created. You can add availability for Evergreen Large Conference Room, then apply the availability to Evergreen Small Conference Room and Evergreen Lounge.


The default setting allows guests to click on the resource drop-down menu and check each resource's availability.

You have the option of showing “Choose Hosts” page. So when guests click on the event type, they will see the “Choose Hosts” page on which they choose which room to book.

👉 Note: you can customize the text of "Any available". Let’s change it to “Any room available”.


Disable guests from selecting a resource

If you do not want guests to check and select a specific resource, and wants round-robin booking only. You can disable resource selection.

On the “Choose Host” page, click on Edit Settings , unselect Show “Choose Hosts”page, then check the box next to Disable host selection menu.

You will see that on the event's calendar, guests can no longer click on the resource's drop-down menu. Booked events will be assigned to resources in a round-robin style.


Find out more about how to set up team scheduling

Team scheduling set up (for admin)
Team scheduling set up (for invitee)

If you think CozyCal is a good fit for you, I’m happy to give you a more comprehensive demo. You can book a demo session with me here: https://cozycal.com/kat

If you have more than 10 resources or team members, reach out to us at support@cozycal.com for a discount.