WordPress plugin installation

WordPress plugin installation

If you use WordPress, then we have a plugin for you!

If you've already installed the plugin, you can resume the installation process here.

If you haven't installed the plugin, please follow the steps below to install it.

1. Find 'CozyCal' on your WordPress dashboard

  1. Click on Plugins on the sidebar and then click on Add New.
  2. Then search for the 'CozyCal' plugin.

If the WordPress Plugin directory is not showing up in your admin dashboard, please follow the instructions on downloading the CozyCal installation file.

2. Install the plugin

  1. Click on Install Now > Activate > Setup plugin
  2. Since a CozyCal account is needed, click on CozyCal account > Sign Up Free to sign up for a free CozyCal account.

3. Copy and Paste CozyCal's snippet code

  1. Once you have created your CozyCal account, log in and go to Settings > Website setup > Install CozyCal

2. Then you can either select I'll install it myself or Send instructions to my teammatesdepending on your preference.

Install it yourself

1. If you want to install the button yourself, simply click on I'll install it myself> Javascript > Copy code


2. Return to your Wordpress's plugin setup page, paste the code in the box, and click on Save Changes.


Install it with help

  1. If you need help with installing the code on your website, you can click on Send instructions to my teammate> enter your teammate's email >click on Send Email.
  2. Your teammate will receive an email with the code that can be installed on your website.

4. Customize your CozyCal button

Once you have added the code on your website, you can easily add buttons that integrate with your website.

These buttons will open your CozyCal booking page in a modal. This means that your guests won't need to leave your site when they schedule an appointment.

There are two types of buttons you can add:

1. The Floating Button

The floating button floats at the bottom of your website on top of your existing content. It is a quick and easy way to direct your website visitors to schedule an appointment.


To edit your floating button:

  1. Go to Settings > Website Setup > Edit Floating Button
  2. Here you can change the button's settings such as button color, text, position and targeting page.

2. Custom CozyCal Buttons

Adding a custom button is easy! CozyCal detects booking page links on your website and automatically opens them in a modal.

🛎Note: To enable your booking page opening up directly as a modal on your website, you have to first install the CozyCal plugin (refer to step 1 above), then disable the button.

Once the plugin is installed on your website, then you will need to disable the default floating button.

  1. Go to Settings > Website Setup > Edit Floating Button
  2. Uncheck Show floating button on my website
  3. Don't forget to Save Changes

5. On your Booking Page, click on the Share button, and Copy Link.


6. Add your booking page's URL (e.g. https://cozycal.com/kat) to any custom buttons, image or text on your website.

Then your CozyCal booking page will pop up as a modal. You can also link to a specific event type to open your service directly in a modal.


Do you use WordPress? We've written an article for you on creating Custom Buttons in WordPress.

Need more help?

Click on "Get Help" button in the app to message us or email us at support@cozycal.com 😃

4. Customize the floating button

  1. If you want to customize the look, text and position of the floating button, click on Customize My Buttons, you will be brought back to CozyCal's dashboard.
  2. Click on Editing Floating Button, then edit the settings of the button based on your preference.

You're done with setup. Congrats! 🙌

You will see CozyCal's floating button on your Wordpress website now.